A cloud in toddlers’ class

One day Eleni, Thanasis and Mirto while playing in class, looked up and saw a cloud.


“Wow, let’s bring it down here”, Eleni said. But that wasn’t so easy. Children raised their hands, but understood they weren’t tall enough.


Suddenly, Thanasis said: “we need a ladder” and he went in another room to find one. But there was no ladder around…

Then, Mirto had another idea. She grabbed a chair and climbed on, and rest of the kids followed.


They raised their hands once more, but…


The cloud was still away. Kids tried and failed again. They didn’t managed to bring down the cloud. But it didn’t matter, at all!

The most important was that they didn’ t ask me for the cloud. Children did the whole thing just by themselves, shared so many ideas using words and tried everything they believed could help them accomplish their purpose.

And after failing again and again,  they just moved to another game…

(by Jenny Diamantopoulou, teacher in toddlers class)


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