Creating sensory bags in babies’ class

Babies enjoy playing with small pasta pieces, at the sensory table. However, they thought that the light yellow color of the pasta is a little dull and wanted to change it. But the question was, “how”?


First, we picked our favorite liquid color and dropped it into little bags, together with the pasta pieces. To have a big success, we dropped a looooot of color!


Then, we shook the bags. Babies observed that pasta pieces soon started to disappear! Babies tried then to identify the new content of the bags, by using all their senses.


The colorful pasta bags were magically transformed into our new “sensory bags”! A new toy that we added in our class play equipment.

A toy, made by babies themselves!


(by Maria Gryllaki, teacher in babies’ class in Athens)


Here comes the first smile

September. First days in school for many toddlers. First goodbye to mom….


I notice colors impress children and make them forget their anxiety.


A white paper and temperas. Curiosity.


Choosing and mixing colors. Experimentation. First with brush. Second with fingers. At the end, whole hand is full of color.


Her comes the first smile.


Next day, the children come to me and ask for colors….

(by Jenny Diamantopoulou, teacher in toddler’s class (2-3 y.o.), in Athens)