Dance has no rules in kindergarten

Every Thursday, kindergarten kids can’t wait for the dance lesson with Olga!


Based on improvisation, Olga gives the stimuli and children through experimentation, discover new ways of movement and expression.


Dance has no rules, there is not right and wrong. Through movement and by the only use of objects, children explore their body.


Familiarize with it, learn to control their movement.


Take initiatives, trust themselves.


Cooperate, feed their imagination.


Express ideas, experiences and feelings.

During this dance class, children activate all their senses.


(by Stavroula Gaoutsi, teacher in kindergarten class in Athens)



Babies play the melodica

In our babies class, we love to sing and play the melodica. Children get excited on music and show great interest in this specific musical instrument and the sound it produces.


Today, after singing our song, they played the melodica themselves. And the result? Spectacular! Just like young musicians, the blew the instrument and pushed the buttons. Some even managed to produce a nice sound!


As a result of this playing, attention and memory of children was stimulated and practiced their control and coordination skills.


But most of all, this experience provided children with the ability to express themselves and have fun! Music is always an excellent tool for babies to discover the world.

(by Maria Gryllaki, teacher in babies’ class, in Athens)