Self-propelled wooden boats

Working together with craftsman Ilias Karantoniou, kindergarten and summer camp kids created self-propelled wooden boats! After production was over, they used babies’ plastic swimming pool to test them!


Dance has no rules in kindergarten

Every Thursday, kindergarten kids can’t wait for the dance lesson with Olga!


Based on improvisation, Olga gives the stimuli and children through experimentation, discover new ways of movement and expression.


Dance has no rules, there is not right and wrong. Through movement and by the only use of objects, children explore their body.


Familiarize with it, learn to control their movement.


Take initiatives, trust themselves.


Cooperate, feed their imagination.


Express ideas, experiences and feelings.

During this dance class, children activate all their senses.


(by Stavroula Gaoutsi, teacher in kindergarten class in Athens)


Henry from Taiwan in our kindergarten

These days we have a visitor in our school. His name is Henry and he is a student from Taiwan. Henry will be with us for six weeks and so we have the opportunity to learn many things about his country and culture.


Few days ago, he prepared a very interesting presentation, in order for our children to get to know Taiwan.


We saw Taiwan on the map and he told us it looks like a leaf!  We saw its flag and photos of his city.


After that, we tried together to speak Taiwanese! We translated many words from Greek to Taiwanese and he wrote the name of every children using Chinese ideograms.


Our kids were excited and many of them proved to be quite talented in Chinese writing.

Henry thank you, you are most welcomed in our school !!

(by Stavroula Gaoutsi, kindergarten teacher in Athens)

Creating a loose parts’ springboard!


Andreas, a kindergarten kid, had the brilliant idea to create a springboard using loose parts, particularly old tires arranged in a pile and a pallet, serving as a ladder).


First step was to collect all the items needed for his idea. Second one was setting up his construction and testing, while the final step was…. the actual game!


In a few minutes, all pre-K and kindergarten class formed a long queue in order to jump off this makeshift springboard!


Its one more time I see waste material (items with no practical use from an adult’s point of view) to become the center of children’s outdoor play. Kids only add imagination and ingenuity- so easy for them!


(from Chrysa Vaitsi, cross-class projects’ coordinator in Athens school)