Sharing is a great thing

One day, Thanasis brought in toddlers’ class a book titled “This is mine!” Two friends who play together but find it too hard to share their toys…


How easy is for us to share our toys?”, we asked children. Not so easy…

One small car in our class had the same problem. It was alone, because it could not share its toys. So, we decided to help it…


We became friends with the small car and drove it to the big “Luna Park of sharing”, the place where all children and cars share their toys.

Each one of as waited at his/ her own station, to drive the small car towards the next station and finally up to the end of the road, where the Luna park was. When the small car arrived there, it wasn’t alone anymore!


Kids played, cooperated, waited patiently for their turn, but most important helped the small car to understand that sharing is a great thing…

(by Jenny Diamantopoulou, teacher in toddlers’ class in Athens)


Getting autonomous and developing fine motor skills in babies’ class

One day in babies’ class, “Frogy” the frog paid a visit, reading us the book ‘’Frogy is getting dressed’’!


Children were very happy to see and listen to him and decided that they want to get dressed like Frogy!


We opened the box and took out all clothes we had. Hats, scarves, bags, shirts, shoes…Every kid chose what he or she liked and put it on.  Some of them even posed for a picture!


We all then helped Frogy to get dressed. Kids worked so patiently and used their imagination in order to put on him as many clothes as they could!


And when finished, we hugged our friend and we went for a walk in the yard, all dressed up!

(by Maria Gryllaki, teacher in babies’ class in Athens)